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New Media Certificate Summary

In all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect when I started the New Media Certificate. All I knew was that my advisor recommended it and it had “media” in the name, which sounded like my major, Entertainment and Media Studies. Walking into my first day of Intro to New Media, I had no idea what New Media even was.

By a couple weeks into my first semester of the New Media Certificate, I knew I wanted to finish the program. Intro to New Media gave me an interesting overview of New Media and its history (I can even define it now–new media is emerging digital media,) and New Media Production was my first experience with web design.

While Intro to New Media was interesting, New Media Production was the first class I took in college that felt like I was truly gaining useful, applicable skills that I could use to get a job, whether that was for creating my own website to send to potential employers or simply working as a web designer for clients. The project-based nature of the class gave me real skills and real finished products I could display and share in a portfolio. I’ve learned skills in my other classes, to be certain, but never had I taken a class that so succinctly gave me everything I needed to get started as a professional web designer. With that said, I’m excited to learn more and hone my skills in my New Media Certificate journey!

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