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DANDELION (Original Pilot, 50 pp.)

Dandelion is an original pilot for a series exploring a cyberpunk future where environmental collapse is used as a tool to further exploit workers. In a city of endless rain, a wary sewer cleaner fights to stay afloat while risking her livelihood to pursue an unspoken vendetta. Meanwhile, an insubordinate operator must weigh the cost of a few lives against his own tenuous position.


SUNLESS (Original Pilot, 51 pp.)

Sunless is the pilot of a high fantasy serialized show about a young acolyte who becomes more and more disillusioned with the peacekeeping organization he fights for in a time of war.


HEROES: EVOLUTION (Spec Series Bible)

Heroes: Evolution is a proposed reboot of NBC’s Heroes (2006). Heroes: Evolution follows a group of ordinary people who gain extraordinary abilities as they explore what it means to be heroes. The following series bible describes characters, a 17-episode season 1, and seasons 2 and beyond.