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Video Games

In college, I had several fortuitous opportunities to work on video games for class projects. The results are a reignited interest in game development and three little games, linked below:

Fall 2021: Debt Escape

Debt Escape is a choose-your-own-adventure game with a magic system. You, the player, must navigate an alchemist’s twisted traps to learn the formula for turning lead into gold, revealing secrets along the way with magic spells you discover.

Fall 2022: Con Coffee

Con Coffee is a logic-based puzzle game in which you must assemble a crew to pull off a heist. Different potential crewmates have different strengths and secrets; you must determine which combination will let you succeed without betrayal or getting caught.

Spring 2023: Salem

Salem is a game in which you play as Samuel Sewall during the Salem witch trials. Given reference materials and texts, you must judge a series of accused witches guilty or innocent. You only win if all 20 potential witches are judged correctly. This game explores the idea that the medium is the message; the story and message lies in the very act of choosing.